Half-turn, quarter, backwalk…

27 02 2007

“Conte 7 pa, Half-turn, quarter, backwalk…”, This is sign that the rehearsals for the Annual university Mega Show have already begun.

The mega show is considered as being one of the best shows organised annually on the university campus. Indeed, this mini cabaret like show provides the most entertaining potpourri of fashion shows, dances, sketches and musical items.

If you go have a look in the common room these days, maybe you’ll hear Melissa, Elie or myself hollering instructions to the newly recruited models. 😛 Ok ok… They are only uni students participating in the fashion show. But we are here to train em 😛 Of course our task is not as simple as it might seem. Try walking according to a choreography, coordinating each step with the background music, while synchronising each move with the other models. And yeah, smile! Always! And never look down, u have to keep your eyes straight ahead, don’t count your steps, it should come automatically.

Still not that clear huh?

Have a look at the videos below 😛 Ok this was recorded on the first day of the rehearsals. So practically nothing has been done yet. We are still on the “knowing how to walk” stage.

Mr Elie giving instructions to Yr1 students :

1st step- learning how to walk:

Now its getting a bit more complicated:

The Mega Show is scheduled for Friday 9th March




5 responses

28 02 2007

t tres occupe je trouve mon gran psi frere.. amuse toi bien .. ek prend plein de fotos .. pou me cav regarde muah ..takecare toi ek congrats.. je retire mes mots t pa paresseu ta bien travailler 🙂

28 02 2007

Heya! cool blog, but i cant seem to access the video’s..and i would like to watch them, coz it sounds a laugh 🙂

1 03 2007

pas blier kisenla ti motnrer twa fa half turn mo gaT 😛

1 03 2007

ahahhaha wer b ca c peu attane mo commence crier ler la nu va gueter………

10 03 2007

Woohooo… Defile in bien paC 😛

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