Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills

2 03 2007

I’m just sitting here in my room listening to Pantera, thinking maybe it’s time to start working on my end of year project. But its weird that despite all the pressure, I just can’t seem to keep myself focused. Pressure always seems to have the reverse effect on me, makes me just want to leave all this and go hang out with friends. I know somewhere, sometimes, we all feel that way.

I’ve found myself drifting away from reality…but when i come to think of it… What is reality anyway? Mere speculations of the mind? Or simply everything the world perceives as being real and tangible? Another question mark on the scratched, torn notice board of my imagination… We all have our own perception of reality, our very own idea of the world around.

Makes me think of the day I was going to Rose – Hill. As I passed by Brown Sequart hospital, i tried to imagine all the inmates… We tag them as “fou”, “pagla”, “mentally disturbed”, “crazy”, all kinds of similar adjectives. But in a way, they are just living in their own reality, their own perception of life. Just because they don’t see things the way the majority of us does, means that they are insane? I know more weird people outside. Does the majority always have to be right anyway? Maybe its us who are crazy, living in a shell, in our stereotyped, routine existence. We just try to conform to rules imposed by society, trying to find a place in this jungle of concrete and metal. At least those we call “the mad ones” have the dare to live as they feel like, being who they want to be, living according to their own rules.

It has always been this way; prejudices and fake assumptions rule our minds. Each time someone tries to be different, tries to express himself as he is, he always find himself being crushed by society. Galileo, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vince, just to name a few, were all victims to the same fate just because they saw things the way no one else dared to see. We never change do we?

I know these words will fade away with time… but if things could just be different… just for once…




5 responses

2 03 2007

hey dan lopital psychiatrik ena ban malade…en dehor ki ena dimoune fou…

2 03 2007

wai kuma moi 😀

2 03 2007

On dit ke les plus grand penseurs sont fous… sa doit etre vrai !
Reflechies a notre vie sans stereotypes…mmmhhhh…t’y penses?
Imagine ce monde libre de toutes penC…de toutes actions…de toutes orientations….

Jcrois kun monde osi libre ke ca fera peur…. comme les fous font peur..parskon ne comprends pas pourkoi ils font ou agissent d’une certaine facon!
“Et l’om créea les stereotypes!” Pour…selon moi…avoir le control..le control sur la creativité, sur l’imagination… sur l’heresie, le bucher…

je crois kun fou trouverai insultant de nous comparer a lui!
On n’a rien de fou…parskon ne connai pas la liberté!

Suck life! mais kel life? le vrai ou le faux?

8 03 2007

Thats true. Alot of people in that place need help, but sadly they get tagged as mad..and all sorts of horrid names, thats just typical mauritian mentality.

29 03 2007

Prejudices suck!!!:(
G bien apprecier “Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills”..
tres tres bien ecrit et siiiiiii realiste..
si o moins tou dimoune ti pense kuma toi..Mmmm!!!
Anyway morris ene la peine sa.. trop bouku ti l’esprit ena ici..

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