Part 1 – The Stranger In The Morning Rain

6 03 2007

The drizzling sound of the rain faded away as his mind was trespassing the realms of reality. Keeping a constant pace, he slowly made his way through the muddy paths that stretched in front of him. The raindrops didn’t seem to reach his conscious mind. He could feel that he was completely drenched, and yet in a weird kind of way, it made no difference. Assumptions inspired by distant memories guided his uncertain thoughts. Nothing could make reality more meaningless.

His torn, dirty jeans and sleeveless t-shirt sticking on his skin, he stepped on the small platform in front of him. The view was spooky, spiced with the sound of gushing water hitting the rusting iron supports of the old bridge. Echoes of ancient remembrances were haunting his mind and the present seemed so blurred. He stood there for nearly half an hour, trying to put some order in his thoughts which were now more hectic. The cold winter wind made him more numb. He could no more feel his fingers.

Taking a deep breath, he put down his old tattered bag, and stretched his arms to feel the wind flow between his fingers. That always made him feel better. “If only I could fly… maybe… today…”. Images of a lifetime were flashing by at a sickening crescendo. Images of pain, sorrow, happiness, guilt, exasperation… A life built around scrap wood…

It was getting dark outside… as if the sky shared his feeling… like earlier when the clouds showered their few tiny drops on his bare skin… it was the only thing that made him smile…

His thoughts, random and uncertain, haunted him to the point where he could not differentiate the imaginary form reality. It was the way he has always been. Somewhere inside still lives the small boy who fantasizes to be the super hero who can solve anything. But now it was not the case. His memories flashed by like the scenery rushing by… he could see his reflection in the water… somewhere he felt he wasn’t what he was supposed to be… he sometimes felt he would never know what was expected from him… Sometimes, he never really ever focused on what he should do… It always came by intuition, an instinctive urge guiding his acts. He always knew he was not perfect, and everyday he realizes to which extent.

Rain has always fascinated him. Like a million pearls falling from the heavens, playing their own music, blurring your mildest phobias and propelling you far from the hassle of everyday life. Time itself seems to stop in front of this beautiful manifestation of nature, as it bears witness to all our dreams and thoughts, inspiring the most hardened soul. Countless poems and songs have been written throughout history but none seems to precisely describe the feeling that rain can inspire.

Since his early childhood he has always told himself to hold on to what he always has believed in. But now, it seems that despite what he can have in mind, the world around would never understand the exactitude of his thoughts. It might seem a bit pretentious to others, so he always kept what he felt deep inside. People don’t want to know, just because they all want to be in their own world. And knowledge can be a terrible thing for someone who has lived all his life trying to convince himself that conforming to the rules, is the only true path of life.

He knows he won’t ever be able to change that. ‘Cause it’s the way some have found to cope with existence… and he had no right to question the decisions of others concerning their own lives. Besides, he was only human… he had faults of his own; things about himself he tried to understand everyday… but who really cares?

And with one last breath, he made his dream come true… he felt free… like a bird… just like he wanted it to be…




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7 03 2007

Une journee sous la pluie…c fou ske la pluie nou fait comme effet des fois…ca bouscule nos activités normaux pour nous obliger a regarder a l’interieure de nous meme…une introspection intense, innatendue qui nous debalance, qui nous laisse presque demuni, avec cette expression perplexe et melancolique…une demi descente en enfers…un pied o paradis….un coup de vent dans la gueule…et tu revois toute ta petite vie de chienne defilée …kom si la vivre ne suffisait pas….tu repasses toutes tes blessures dans ta tete comme un diapo infernal dont tu ignores le mode d’emploie pour dire : STOP! C’est l’anarchie des pensé confusion, le spleen…

Se dire imcompris…. beacoup le sont…certains le seront toujours , certains decouvrent qu’ils l’ont toujours été alors qu’il croyais que…d’autres la cultive, pppfffffff….

Nous vivions tous dans l’illusion que nous controllons nos vies… c comme tu dis :

” knowledge can be a terrible thing for someone who has lived all his life trying to convince himself that conforming to the rules, is the only true path of life.”…

Etre imcompris..c ‘est etre seule..alors kan tu dis : ” who cares? “, jvé pas bondire et dire : MOI!!!!!… t’as raison…who really cares…who really stops and listens …who really sees…

*** Tous imparfait*****

c’est la conclusion qui finalement nous libere…….qu’on l’est tous….meme si on a parfois l’impression d’etre le seul… et meme si on est un peu appart dans la foule deja imparfaite…

On s’avoue a peine ke c’est comme ca…ke la vie continue…
la vie, on la vit … juste pour ne pas la rater…

7 03 2007

it’s beautiful. great writing style 😉

28 03 2007

really nice story!!! u’r damn gud!!!

9 05 2007

that person(HE) seems to in still leading his way. despite his agony..he still wish to move forward

25 04 2008

Its damn good man!!Brilliant stuff…Im flippen impressed Mr Doorgesh

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