Part 5 – Lost In The Dragon’s Lair…

8 05 2007

The early rays of sunshine caressed the walls around him like a soothing melody of a 12-string guitar, furnishing the room with a soft tint of yellow. A new day, a whole new boulevard to explore, a second chance… but not for him. “Have faith…” he often overheard doctors tell his rare visitors. Faith… Hope… Like a promising dream megaphoned by megalomaniac, egocentric politicians who care less for your well being than that of their ever thirsty pockets. It’s easy to be compassionate and sympathetic, it’s easy to toss a coin to a starving beggar while driving away in a brand new Mercedes. But, holding a lupus patient by the hand just to bring a little comfort, is a completely different story.

To care for someone is more than formalities, a set of procedures encountered to procure an illusion of being sensitive to what others feel. It’s more concerned with feeling what others are going through. But in a world made of plastic ideas and commercial beliefs, “concern” is simply another word used to please the mind and the heart of the distraught stranger. The more avid minds sought relief in dreams more than from others.

Somehow, the acrimony and bitterness faded. He knows this feeling. He’s been through this before, there was only a minor difference. LSD. This enchanting remedy synthetised the most powerful dreams he could ever imagine. Man found himself chased by the villainous predator he himself created. Those who like to flirt with the realm and limits of the human mind, rarely bothered about the precariousness of the condition. Sure, drugs was something he never ever imagined being involved into. Somehow this word was a resonating sting to his ears. It made things look only worse.

Dextroamphetamine, Methylphenidate, Pemoline, Methamphetamine, LSD, cough syrup, weed, coke… He would have taken vitamin C if it would made him numb. Understandably, these were mere alternatives to flee the reality he found increasingly weighty. This whole perspective is generally thought to be more of an easy way out; a substitute for those who don’t have the courage to keep up with the vicissitudes of the ever evolving topology of life. It’s so easy to say that when you are not the least aware of all that can go through a human mind in a time of complete abandonment. He had heard countless speeches on that issue; presumably highly responsible individuals stressing on the horrifying consequences of drug consumption, but never had he heard anything on the outcome of living in a brainless society. He does not deny the dreadful implications of the former, but the consequences of the latter could be far more disastrous.

Drugs are only the symptoms of a sick society. Curing symptoms wont ever help to get rid of a disease. As the infection always persists at the root. The only proper solution would logically be to treat the source and the core of the illness. That would never happen anyway, simply because society is so used to seeing deprivation that even the thought of perfectness would seem utterly surrealistic. We need a minute dosage of discrepancy around us to subvert the feeling of our own inferiority. In a way, that is what is so appealing with violence on TV. It’s the amount of self-induced illusion of relative well being it procures. Seeing a head decapitation footage undoubtedly unleashes thousands of thundering questions in one’s mind, on the other hand, it’s the most widely consumed drug ever created.

He could feel his mind atrophied with uncertainty. Faith induced more doubts in his brain than the puzzling talks of his room mate. Doubts… Doubts are seeds sown in our own minds by none but ourselves. Others might influence it slightly, like rocks might sway the course of rivers. But as a captain in charge of his ship, we are the sole manager of our mind.

He was nothing more than a pile of confused junk, tied with a string of faith, waiting for the clock to tick the right way.

A new morning… a whole new day to explore… a second chance?




3 responses

12 05 2007

this is amazingly beautiful Nit.. each and eveytime you find the right word to speak for your character you actualy make ur readers live it . go through it all .. they are not mere words black on white .. they speak..
realy love it..

faith.. to go on a second chance.. a reality in life.. that often we let go coz we dnt see it .. dats so damn true..

26 06 2007

Nice blog 🙂 Found you via Facebook 😛

9 09 2007

blog hoppin.

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