The fascinating world of Design…

17 03 2009

I have always been fascinated by the whole universe of art and design. Whether it is graphic design, web design or product design, the whole idea of synthethising objects we interact with in everyday life in a whole new form is simply hypnotising. I’m sure all of you have one or couple of those websites you just have to visit everyday. For some its slashdot, bash or facebook. One of them for me is THECOOLHUNTER. As the name suggests, this site provides you with the latest cool acheivements in the world of art and design. It touches practically every aspect of art and design; music, advertising, product design, architecture, graphic design, web design, fashion, photography, interior design, etc… in short, everything I love. I think you just have to check it out for yourself. 

I have been working as a graphics designer for some time now and  I’ve never followed any kind of course whatsoever in graphics design or photography. I don’t even have a certificate in design. lol. But sites like these provide me with all the updates, guidelines, inpirations and training i need. I won’t say that it’s useless to follow a course in that field, but i would rather point out that , from what i’ve seen so far, you learn more from experience. I mean those courses just provide a foundation which would help you to evolve on the world later on. I know quite a few people who think they are gurus in design coz they have a degree in graphics design. But are completely unaware of the lastest trends and innovations in that specifc field. I’m sure you would agree that this is true for most fields actually. Wheter it be design or IT.

It’s been approximately 6 months since i’m working in this design company, and it has been a very enriching experience so far. Sure there are ups and downs, but overall it’s really great fun. I think it’s one of the best jobs i could ever wish to have. It’s even more fun to be the creative director, trying to find new concepts, and participating in the whole design process. 

I have a team of a dozen of designers who work under my supervision and trust me its not easy to impose yourself. Specially when all of them are older than you, and have been working here for over 5 years. But i’ve gradually managed to make my place and make myself heard when need be. But i really admire the wonderful work these guys have been doing all these years. 

Below is the work of Avinash, a 23 year old designer who created the watch you can see in the picture 🙂


Gtg now… lol time to go home.
Stay tuned.




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17 03 2009

I may be (is actually) null in designing and having creative ideas for design, but don’t the black hand(s) and the black inner circles a bit confusing, since they are of the same color?
Anyway, new designs and trends are not always as “practical”.
I believe everything lies in the name of the company which creates this new design and trend.

I will take an example, but in a different field.
Lets take the example of bollywood movies like “Billu Barber” or “Rab Se”
The story is not so exceptional, still, they can be considered as hits.
Coincidence, Shah Rukh Khan plays the main role in both.

For those who watched Billu Barber, I take a particular scene.
The same scene where there are lots of poor people in the village, and the main focus is on the barber shop (an old one).
Suddenly, the scene stops here, and immediately, you see a space shuttle flying in space, towards a big one, lands and then there is pne of the most popular songs introducing the main actor.
Completely unrelated scenes, without any links, but because its shah rukh khan, its a success.

Nice to see 2 blog entries on same day!
keep it up!

17 03 2009

Creative director is my dream job… I can say that i am somewhat like you.. never had any design courses, just learnt by myself… and i can say im pretty good these days… though.. understanding the world of design.. one is never the best if he sits still.. you gota update update get inspired.. update update.. get inspired..

thats how it works..

btw… when u said “created the watch”.. he actually DREW IS FROM SCRATCH?? or… its a photo that he beautifully manipulated..?

17 03 2009

@yashvin, “Rab Se”?????

ki lanner sa??

17 03 2009

sa meme la, ene bane dernier film shah rukh khan… rab se sipa ki zistoire lol

17 03 2009

@ Sun

the picture i posted is a pic taken of the finished product.
This watch has been initially designed from scratch. Then it went through the manufacturing process. And then u get what u see in the picture 🙂

From scratch i mean, he designed every single element of the watch. needles, the frame, bracelet, everything

17 03 2009
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17 03 2009

THECOOLHUNTER. As the name suggests, this site provides you with the latest cool acheivements in the world of art and design.

LOL to me that name suggested “crocodile hunting.. i don’t know why!

I’m sure you would agree that this is true for most fields actually. Wheter it be design or IT


18 03 2009

@ Sun : Film la appelle Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!!!

lol, et mwa mo ti p ekrire rab se tvr!
sorry for any inconvenience 😛

19 03 2009

wow…world of design,i really like it even if mo null ladan lol
really fascinating dear..bon courage!

21 03 2009

@doorgesh. *clap* for the design from scratch!

Thats a level above!

26 03 2009
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