Where did the inspiration go?

17 03 2009

1 year.  That’s the time since my last post.  It’s more like 13 months to be precise. I think that somewhere along the road, i lost my inspiration. Or maybe i just stopped listening to myself. The latter seems more deemed to be true. A lot has hapenned during this one year, and it would be practically impossible for me to enumerate all those things in just one post (without boring you guys lol). 

The last article i posted dates from the 2nd of FEB 2008. That’s roughtly the period of my last semester at university. I think it all started from there. Trying to focus on my studies, I paid lesser attention to other stuffs. It has been a rollarcoaster since. I have been working freelance at the same time. Mostly as photographer and graphics designer. I helped design some site which maybe you already know : http://www.dbm.mu, http://skr-ltd.com ,and the website for Universal Breweries (But unfortunaltely the company closed down some time back).  Of course there are other examples but i’d prefer not to mention them here. lol. We all do stuffs we are not really proud of. You now wat i mean. The most exciting thing was working as a freelance photographer. That was super cool. Cocktail parties, weddings, concerts… The best hing about being a photographer according to me : you participate in the event as any other guest, PLUS they pay you for it!! lol! You can see some of my works here : 


I’ll try to post more of my work here or on my deviantart account. 

Then i graduated from university in Sept 08. That was a cool experience. I guess most people i know never thought i would make it. I  now have my degree in Computer Science and Engineering! YEY!!

Funny thing though, i started working full time since August 2008 as product photgrapher and designer for Ambrex ltd. The company designs and makes watches and jewellery for different european brands. You know Paco Rabanne right ? Well, that’s one of the brands we work for. Hard to believe right ? I mean, i’m sure you would never have guessed that all those Paco Rabanne watches have in fact been designed by mauritian designers! 

In jan 2009 I got promoted as Head of the design department. It’s a tough job but it’s really lots of fun. I’ll try to post more about that later. 

Well with all these new experiences, i kinda got away from the world of blogging. Till recently, Yashvin organised a bloggers’ meeting. You can chek the full story on his blog. It made me want to blog again. and today while chatting with selven on  msn, i decided it was time to make my comeback. lol. I think everyone goes through similar things a some point of their lives. But my Blank page syndrome lasted for over one year. 

Anyway, here i am now 🙂 

Stay tuned for more 





4 responses

17 03 2009

I was surprised to see that you are back to blogging.
It seems that one of our main missions through this bloggers’ club has been successfully achieved!

This post indeed sums up a lot of things and introduces you properly to the new readers, giving a brief introduction about yourself.

[ps: I think its one of the rare posts where I did not need to google each of your words]

Bonne continuation & welcome back to the world of blogging!

17 03 2009

seems like vampires awakening!

franc tou yashvin, no need to focus and try to think more than just what the words say dans sanla!

17 03 2009
Do trademarks play an important role in launching new concepts/trends? | Yashvin, pages of my life

[…] my friend Doorgesh attended this meeting, he started to blog again with 2 articles on the same […]

15 04 2009

So you’re back in the blogging world? Wish you the best!

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