Rouhangeze – Alfa

5 04 2009

Some months back an old friend contacted me saying she needed my skills as a photographer and designer for her album cover. That friend is Rouhangeze Baichoo. I have known Rouhangeze for several years now,  i don’t quite remember since when but I guess it’s been something like 3 years now. We have similar interests, including music and photography, and Rouhangeze was amongst the first girls who dared to model for me. lol! She’s a delight to work with. I mean, usually I’m rather demanding when i’m working on a shoot, but she can deliver all that.

Rouhangeze is a marvelous singer with an incredible talent. I always knew she was gonna go far. And her journey is just starting with her first album : ALFA. So a few months back , when the recording was nearly over, she gave me the challenging task of designing her album cover. I knew straight away that its not gonna be easy, but its gonna be fun nonetheless. She defines the album genre as Pop / Jazz / Electro Lounge. So the cover had to reflect all these influences. Plus, given that it was going to be marketed in the UK, it had to have an exotic look to make it more appealing. Furthermore, it needs to give the feel of the music and of the whole idea of the concept of the album.

After several hours and days of discussion and brainstorming, we came up with a pretty interesting concept for the cover. We decided to do the photo shoot from the balcony of the Presidential suite of The Labourdonnais Hotel. Why ? Because its the best place we could find which could offer a view composed of a city scape with mountains in the background, procuring a unique exotic feel which is typical to our island.

After a few hours we came up with these pics 🙂
Rouhangeze 2 Rouhangeze

After a further few hours of work. Here’s the final work 🙂

A few days back i got in touch with Rouhangeze again. She is doing just great, her CD will be out shortly. In the meantime you can check out her songs online!! Or here is the URL :

Please do add her as a fan. you can also do that from the facebook app .I think its awesome that some mauritians are getting the chance to hit it big abroad and i think we should give them all the support we can. Show the world that we can be a tiny piece of land in the Indian Ocean, but we still can rock the whole world! Right? Also check out her facebook page.

Btw, don’t forget to get the 3rd edition of PEOPLE magazine (the mauritian one of course). Featuring Rouhangeze 🙂 and yeah  the cover picture is my work 🙂


Stay tuned for more 🙂




12 responses

5 04 2009

The album cover is awesome! Kudos for that. Great work. 😛

5 04 2009

:p to 1 bon !!! franc tou, you don’t seem to stop impressing people!


5 04 2009

Its so nice to be associated with the popularity of someone.
You can say “Hey, I designed the cover” and all the pics were shot by me.
Its also a big boost for yourself, as a photographer.

The design of the logo is superb, and also the picture in the magazine is nice too, one of your specialties!

If you need someone to hold your camera, am here 😉

5 04 2009

btw, the songs are nice too!

5 04 2009

the snaps are great

5 04 2009

Gratz 😛 very professional indeed 🙂

5 04 2009

that looks pretty lame, like its been photoshopped 2001 times.
seen better pics from you though

6 04 2009
Avinash Meetoo

Hi Doorgesh,

You really have incredible talent!

Remember about the family pics we once chatted about? I think we need to talk again 🙂

28 05 2009
Czeslawa Mol

Marvellous,romantic songs,
Czesia from Crakov(Poland)

20 09 2009
frederic m

joli travail, ms selon moi…bane pochette albums la tro retouche, li unreal, tro soft. couleur pa en accord dutou…
sinan felicitations, c ene grande premiere ds moris ke un photographe gagne pou design ene pochette d’album…apres man

15 02 2010
Kurt Avish

The ElderGod (:P) ti p talk about to ban photography ar moi la…mn vin chek uncout. Top net man. These are the best I’ve seen.

Keep it up. Mo al chek to ban lezot photo toujour lor flickr.

30 11 2011

No doubt a good photographer but maybe the ‘model’ was not worth it and thus the pics had to be photoshopped? She’s no beauty… That’s the problem.

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