The Stranger In The Morning Rain

Cold hands touching my skin
the whisper once echoed within
now emptiness blisters my soul
as i’m no more part of the whole

the torn roses beside the window
still wait in agony for their sweet sorrow
but after all it was all pointless
dawn never comes from the west

memories trapped in the emotions i feel,
whenever i share the same dream,
or maybe its just the other way round,
and i still am to be found

I forsake the sky and the thousand stars,
because they no longer have the sparkle as when it all started,
but I still think of them whenever I touch a rose
coz inside them my memories froze

My tears still come out whenever I think of you,
kisses, closeness and emotions I knew
voices from far away intrude my mind
what if it was all fake, would you still be mine ?

Answers I’m given are never those I wish to hear
maybe they only reflect my greatest fear,
I know only prophets don’t ask for second chances
but maybe I never deserved those fierce daggers.


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2 11 2007

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